IT Audit

Information Technology Infrastructure + System Audit 

As a prospective client of Gerdy Solutions we want to get to know your IT environment. Unfortunately many IT environments have been supported via reactive channels. This means there is no real documentation of your IT infrastructure making it more complex to understand what is going on with your IT at initial glance. 

We conduct a comprehensiveIT infrastructure and system audit which will enable us to prioritise and advise on corrective actions and strategies to get your IT infrastructure back at an acceptable state. 

The Audit will also enable us to:

  • Understand how your IT infrastructure is setup 
  • Analyse network security risks 
  • Infrastructure performance & vulnerabilities 
  • Produce a current state network diagram 

The  IT Audit will enable us to produce a network diagram displaying the current state of your network including but not limited to; details of your servers, desktops + laptops, network infrastructure , security and data backup solutions. 

Gerdy is able to construct recommendations for improvements within your network and IT infrastructure. 

If you would like to understand how your IT infrastructure is doing, feel free to call  Gerdy Solutions, your local Sydney and Melbourne IT Solutions and  IT Audit provider.