Managed IT Services

What is Manage IT

Manage IT is a managed services product brought to you by Gerdy Solutions. It is a fixed price, proactive, IT network and infrastructure maintenance and monitoring service. It is like having your very own IT Department in-house.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring all of your IT infrastructure including servers, computers, networking, cloud services etc 24/7. When an issue arises we know about it and remediate the issue before it impacts business productivity

Unlimited Remote Support

All your IT requests and issues are attended to by our local helpdesk support centre. All our in-house system experts are always at hand to attend to your requirements. All remote access is entirely secure using the most advanced technology and security.

Budget IT Expenditure

You can manage you IT expenditure by paying a fixed monthly fee for us to keep your IT network and systems up and running. There is no limit to the number of hours you can use and no need to worry about creeping IT support bills.

Patch Management

From fixing security vulnerabilities to improving performance, managing your system updates keeps your systems current and secure with the latest security patches. Management of 3rd party software patching is also included. 

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance of your IT Infrastructure helps improve productivity and minimise business disruption. Early detection of issues enables us to correct small problems early, before they have a chance to develop into larger problems.

Antivirus Management

Keep your business secure with our enterprise Antivirus Management. We ensure your antivirus scanners are up to date whilst also running daily scanning of your devices detecting viruses early.

IT Consultancy

We are able to combine our technical skills with a thorough understanding of your business processes in order to articulate the best solution to suit your needs and budget. We provide IT consultancy service ensuring technology is always an enabler of your business not an inhibiter.

Security Maintenance

Protection against external and internal network attacks reducing risk of threat and sabotage. We take a holistic approach to security of your IT Infrastructure preventing known attacks to on premise, cloud and email systems while adapting to new threats.

Backup Management & Remediation

Keep your business secure with our enterprise Antivirus Management. We ensure your antivirus scanners are up to date whilst also running daily scanning of your devices detecting viruses early. 

Avoid unnecessary downtime that affects your business.
Keep your network secure.
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Benefits of IT Managed Services
Are you still confused about hiring IT managed services for your business? You will not be after having a look at the best benefits of these stalwart services.

The Gerdy Helpdesk Advantage:


Gerdy Solutions can manage your IT Infrastructure whatever the configuration. Your infrastructure needs to be frequently managed and improved whether you have an on premise, cloud or hybrid setup.

Managing your infrastructure including server and network involves keeping things secure, up to date and accessible. This can be rather time consuming and involves specialised skill, expertise and knowledge. Gerdy Solutions can do all the hard work for your business, not only managing but also improving your entire IT environment.

Your IT systems will remain not only available and responsive but also be continually performance optimised ensuring the smooth running of your business.

Gerdy Solutions can also provide adaptable and secure hosting solutions with expert support.


Our solutions are tailored to your business requirements and designed to save you money, improve efficiency and protect your greatest asset from security threats. They include:

We make sure your business has the right infrastructure and systems in place allowing you to grow your business whilst not being limited by IT.


Managed IT Cloud is a type of IT service delivery that refers to outsourcing IT management and support for your organisations cloud-based services and infrastructure. It allows your business to benefit from future-proofed technologies without substantial capital spend.

Gerdy Solutions can manage cloud security, computing, storage, network, vendors and more. Our services also include handling monitoring, reporting, backup and recovery as well as performance testing.

Without complete cloud management support, your business is vulnerable to data loss, downtime and security threats. Gerdy Solutions can support various deployment models, whether you have a multi-tenant, completely cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

Budgeting Support

Control and reduce costly network maintenance costs.

Fast Response Times

Proving enterprise-level monitoring and remote cloud services.

Vendor Liaising

Gerdy Coordinate with vendors for any vendor-specific service issues.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Robust network and IT infrastructure with 24/7 management.

Resource Optimisation

Increase computing resource allocation for those busy periods.

Team of Experts

Certified engineers well versed on latest technologies, trends and demands.


Managed IT Backup Storing data is not that easy on a significant scale. Hence, our IT backup ensures the best-encrypted storage of your data. All this is executed and retrieved at a single click only.

Our Solution provides your business with offsite and local backup whilst delivering: