What is the best backup technology

Looking for the best IT backup tool to secure your digital assets? The sheer plethora of available options might seem baffling. With cloud technologies evolving, global brands are embracing virtual storage for a simpler, faster, and streamlined operation.

However, you might not be sure about how long you need to store your data, or what type of data backup would work for you. In this post, you will get to know some of the best tools for data backup. On consulting one of the leading IT service providers, you can choose the right backup technology.

Top data backup tools for entrepreneurs and organizations


For small to medium-sized enterprises, Acronis would be a viable tool to secure data. You can simply use this application on your workstation, that has been primarily designed for file backup. Currently, the tool also facilitates application-based backups in secure servers. Moreover, Acronis offers additional features for easy troubleshooting and problem-detection, in case they bother the users.

In case you need a hybrid cloud solution with reliable backup, this tool is highly recommended. However, Acronis wouldn’t be the answer for larger companies. Nevertheless, it keeps critical data secure, and eases up the process of moving files to individual systems.


Apart from virtual backup and storage, Rubrik offers a comprehensive plethora of tools to process enterprise data. It seamlessly evaluates application data, mobilizes applications, and helps systems in recovering from ransomware.

You would appreciate the high speed of the tool, along with custom features like virtual environments to carry out temporary tests between different data centres using cluster replication. Although this software happens to be a little expensive, it would cater to the needs of large system administrators. Even in case of big disasters and incidents like data loss, you can get your files restored in seconds.


The transparency and reliability that Veeam offers as a cloud storage system remain unmatched. Failures in the systems are virtually rare, and you can seamlessly backup virtual machines in the system.

Moreover, entrepreneurs admire the availability of several customization options, whether its copies, backup settings, or replication, the users would be able to tailor the system to their specific needs. The reporting and notification tools provide plenty of information on the backup status.

You would love the beautiful user interface, that supports easy navigation.


Whether you need a cost-effective data storage system or a hyper-convergence solution for backing up data, Cohesity should be your storage tool!

You can seamlessly integrate this system with several APIs and other tools. Besides, it ensures amazingly fast restoring and indexing of data. Therefore, you can backup your virtual machines in the system. The users can benefit from the powerful engines to compress data and prevent duplication.

The users can also take the advantage of different restoration levels for the files and folders. The tool also supports partial recovery. If you are planning to do away with your legacy backup systems, you can simply go ahead with Cohesity.

Reach out to the right IT support professionals

Even with the right set of tools, it might be challenging to manage tons of data that your organization deals with each day. This explains why successful firms outsource their IT department to proficient teams of experts. With the right IT support experts backing you up, you can leverage your productivity.


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