Which is best cloud backup

Every organization in the digitized business space dreads data loss, which can virtually jeopardize their operations. It’s natural to look out for the best cloud backup system to secure your digital assets. With secure and easy-to-access data, you can foster better coordination with real-time access to your organization’s data. Now, while choosing the best backup […]

What is the best backup technology

Looking for the best IT backup tool to secure your digital assets? The sheer plethora of available options might seem baffling. With cloud technologies evolving, global brands are embracing virtual storage for a simpler, faster, and streamlined operation. However, you might not be sure about how long you need to store your data, or what […]

Does email use cloud storage?

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you must be using emails for professional communications. Now that you are already a part of the digitized operational environment, it’s time to get familiar with cloud email services. Well, if you are wondering whether or not emails use cloud storage, the answer is yes. Of […]

What is the importance of asset management?

What is the importance of asset management for cybersecurity? Most business organizations focus on two aspects of their business assets when it comes to asset management of cybersecurity. However, it goes beyond that. The cybersecurity asset management process involves identifying all your organization’s IT assets along with potential security risks. The IT assets of a […]

What is SaaS backup, and why is it so crucial?

Cloud computing involves a wide range of computing services and tools that users access online. Cloud technology instantly answers the demand for computing resources and eliminates the expense of large IT infrastructure. Gerdy Solutions offers mainly three main models of cloud computing such as laaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Among these, the SaaS platforms make the […]

Gerdy solutions is the leader in managed IT infrastructure in Sydney

IT infrastructure For small businesses, managed IT support Sydney is like a boon. In the contemporary times, businesses need robust and efficient IT infrastructures. However, for small startups, funding is often a major problem. Managed services help to overcome the challenges by delivering expertise and infrastructure in a cost-effective fashion. The demand for managed IT […]

The Importance of Cloud Backup for Your Business

Managed IT Cloud

One cannot possibly overstate the importance of cloud backup for a business. Storing your digital infrastructure and data on a cloud platform is as important as duplicating crucial documents. In case you are hesitating whether to opt for cloud hosting for your business, note that it is more of a need than a luxury. After […]

The Importance Of Online Helpdesk In The Covid Times

Online IT managed services have already been gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to the benefits of outsourcing IT services. However, the Covid-19 pandemic helped this trend gain further traction. At a time when companies have switched to the work from home model, it is no wonder that online helpdesks are extremely beneficial. Managed IT […]

What are the pros and cons of managed services?

Are you a business owner struggling to take care of IT infrastructure of the company? In that case, IT managed services Sydney might prove to be beneficial. Managed IT services help to get over a number of challenges and avail cost-effective solutions. However, before hiring any service, it is always wise to weigh the pros […]

Managed IT Services In Sydney

Almost every modern business has specific Information Technology-related tasks that need ongoing management. In addition to keeping the equipment up and running, you also need to focus on applications and cybersecurity aspects. Most small and medium-sized businesses do not have in-house professionals to handle these recurring tasks. It’s where Gerdy Solutions comes in. We are […]